Week 20 – Difficult travel conditions equal perfect Mastermind conditions

Traveling from Wisconsin to Charlotte, NC  for a business conference took around 12 hours.  The trek home took 20 hours due to snowy, black ice conditions. For us Wisconsinites, not a big deal, but for those not used to those road conditions that just left their vehicles in the middle of the road until the storm passed (TRUE!!) and plow truck drivers that lacked the ability to plow snow effectively, it was a scary, stressful experience!

As most of you know, after a Network Marketing conference, you feel invincible, you can save to world, you are the most positive and loving person EVER!!! I’ve been blessed to attend several MLM conventions and this was by far the best – not for the content of the convention itself, but for the awareness and insight MKMMA has given me.  Never before was I so open to love, patience, forgiveness and acceptance of others (HELLO!!!! 20 hours of travel with three other women is a MAJOR test!).  Never before was I so trusting and patient in the circumstances I had no control over.  Never before did I come home with so much direction toward achieving my DMP!

I have a long way to go, but I am more confident than ever that MKMMA was meant to be for me!



3 thoughts on “Week 20 – Difficult travel conditions equal perfect Mastermind conditions

  1. klwmasterkey

    WOW!! Way to be! Your positive perception is lightening! I know snow, fog, and freezing rain conditions and the stress they create…. lol and their ability to be a complete BUZZ kill.. So your post has real power, you are tapping into your power!
    Way to be a miracle Mary.


  2. lorencrazycraigtaylo

    Mary, Mary, once contrary,
    how does your garden grow?
    “I’m glad you asked, I want you to know.
    With love, and kindness, and gratitude, too!
    I’ve remodeled my life into something new!
    And now it seems wherever I go.
    Where once I was stuck, things now seem to flow!”

    Very glad you are still with us, Mary! Great post!



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