Week 17ish -Playing catch up

I am amazed at the timing of events – just when I need it!  I JUST finished listening to LAST week’s webby and although untimely, still very timely for the feelings I have been having – frustration of not having enough time, doubting the process, questioning my DMP but now feeling relieved that I am NOT ‘nucking futz’ and it is just part of the journey and great opportunities in disguise.  So I raise my hand – I am ready to proceed forward with full faith that I am nature’s greatest miracle, that I am not here by chance, but for a phenomenal purpose!


3 thoughts on “Week 17ish -Playing catch up

  1. masterkeybrony

    You are one in 400 billion! How cool is that! And you are here for a reason. Nice to be on this journey with you. You are certainly not alone and as one of the other bloggers reminded me not long ago… and it gave me strength… was that my time is different to someone else’s time…. so when I see that people have reached their goal and have it all sorted whilst I’m not feeling that way at all…. I remind myself that my time will come because I am persisting and I will succeed! Good on you Mary for still being here!

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