Week 16 – Lesson learned

Due to allowing of my old blueprint to take over, I did not attend the webinar on Sunday, with full intent on watching on Monday night…….I finally completed watching it last night – feeling so far behind and aggravated for my poor decision on Sunday.  Lesson learned – NEVER GO WITHOUT WEBINAR ON SUNDAY!!!

On a high note, I am glad to say although I have not posted in the alliance section, I have a list of acts of kindness throughout the week.  I practice and witness these acts daily, so I’m ahead of that game!


2 thoughts on “Week 16 – Lesson learned

  1. masterkeybrony

    Great! Good on you for being kind to yourself. I sometimes don’t get to watch the webby til it’s up days later… and the pressure of being behind used to get to me… but not anymore! I am persisting and succeeding… just like you! well done.. and yes… put up your kindness’s in the alliance area… they are fun to read:-)

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