Week 10 – New chapter

For several reasons I have taken a position with a company that is physically taking its toll on my body – and I LOVE IT!!  Getting paid to work on one of my PPNs:  True Health – rock on!!  I also have been voted the most chipper and uplifting – BOOM!  The structure of having a ‘real job’ is definitely something to get used to, but I’ll figure that out along with building up my stamina to function past coming home, eating and crashing and burning!  To be continued over the weekend………..


7 thoughts on “Week 10 – New chapter

  1. masterkeychrisstier

    You focus on your PPS’s is awesome. Even work…can be turned into successfully achieving our PPN of True Health- Cool. I want to hear more about the process and how its creating new peptide reactions. Thanks for sharing, with this i learned I can reset how I look at my current situation.

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  2. lorencrazycraigtaylo

    Over the weekend, hmmmmmm. Smart, very smart! I like your “get your foot in the door” technique, Mary! Plus your enthusiastic “boom!” comes through loud and clear!



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