Week 8 – Staying strong through the tests thrown at me

My week started with an IRS audit.  I walked in like a boss, and walked out in disbelief and feeling mentally drained.  On the way home, I stopped by an old friend and talked about my experience, but was able to shake it off the IRS hangover by sharing what was new in our lives, and sharing my PPNs and my dreams for the future.  I continued my positive path by returning home, and doing my readings and sit that always gives me a great adjustment to my day.

The weeks tests continued  – keeping control of my thoughts has been tough! I believe I’ve always had exceptional strength when it comes to my thoughts and clearly MKMMA has strengthened my ability.  I especially believe the Laws of the Mind have helped me tremendously this week.  All of my readings have been very emotional, full of tears and loud expression – my cat runs and hides when I start my ‘I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE’ and ‘DO IT NOW’ portion of my habits!!

I believe, and most of my friends agree, that had it not be for MKMMA, this weeks tests would have normally sent me over the edge, and for this I am able to divide and conquer and am very, very grateful.

No matter what life is handing you, be thankful you have MKMMA as a resource to help you take control of your thoughts.  It has come to you for a reason.



3 thoughts on “Week 8 – Staying strong through the tests thrown at me

  1. masterkeymarj

    i agree that without this class at this point in my life, I would have a different set of things going on in my head! Funny, my cats seem to react the same way- though I switched and now shout them out while i do pilates, and they aren’t around for that…Be strong!!

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  2. Mark E Cotter

    As it is true that we become what we think about, being in total control of your thinking is invaluable to living the life you wish. Keep at it. You are strong and doing it!

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  3. lorencrazycraigtaylo

    You remind me of the Mayflower, Mary. There may be rough seas ahead, but I know you will make it to the promised land! 🙂



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