Week 6 Breakthrough – VOMANOS!!

For whatever reason, I have decided to yell out the word Vomanos (fun part of the song Heaven by Los Lonely Boys) when I need to change my thoughts.  Last night, after my readings, my thoughts were negative and angry from an argument earlier that evening – so every time my wandered down that bunny trail, I whispered VOMANOS and snapped out of it (it took many, many)!!  I was so amused and amazed, I just had to share – the power of thought is working for me!!

Does anyone else use a word that makes them happy to snap out of negative thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Week 6 Breakthrough – VOMANOS!!

  1. masterkeyorange

    I love the word fuzzy. I know our DMPs are not supposed to be fuzzy, but that word just makes me smile. It reminds me of when I would buzz cut the boys’ hair and then rub their heads. I’m going to start using that as my word to make me smile!

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  2. lorencrazycraigtaylo

    Saying a word out loud with feeling is a great pattern interrupt, as you have discovered, Mary. It reminds me of the old “Personal Power” program by Tony Robbins (he went by Anthony back then). couples would agree upon a certain word, and any time either person said that word, they would both need to instantly stop arguing – or something like that. Been a long time. I, too wonder if anyone is using the technique you have just described. I have not used it myself, but it sounds quite wonderful. Have you shared it in the alliances? Another short, but sweet post, Mary! People love reading those!


    1. marymontag Post author

      I saw Tony Robbins live about 20 years ago – I even have his Personal Power cassette library! I have since re-tapped into his videos – he speaks the words of the Master Keys and OG, but lighter and fun. Mr. Robbins also suggests less is more……short and sweet people will read.



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