Week 2 – Progress, slow but sure

I’m happy and proud to say that this is the last tangible requirement for this week – all others are complete aside from my ‘chore’ which is to clean my office by Sunday.

I struggle with clearing my mind for the sit this week, but had no problem at all with the 15 minutes last week.  I think most of us had this problem based upon the comments, but improvement was noticed as the week progressed.

I have never been much of a reader, more like a skimmer, so what I have been doing is supplementing my reading with audio, which seems to help with being familiar with what I’m supposed to be reading – I do this for both the Scroll (listen AND read in front of a mirror, once aloud, 3 times per day) and the Master Key (listen and read aloud) – more exposure can’t hurt, right?

My first experience with “DO IT”, I scared myself!!  I sound like I mean business, and rightfully so!

I’m pretty excited about discovering my “WHY THAT MAKES YOU CRY” so early in the game, as I have struggled with this for years.  The discovery made it super easy to choose my PPNs and although I struggled with keeping my DMP under 400 (which is ridiculous) I feel confident I nailed it.

There are days like yesterday that I was ready to throw in the towel on this for feeling overwhelmed, but I’m learning to talk myself out of most ‘slacker’ (old blueprint) thinking and push through it and has carried over in other aspects of my life like exercise and projects that I put off – win, win, win!

I’ve got a long way to go, but the progress so far excites the heck out of me!  Bring on Week 3!



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