Week 1 – Finding my groove

No need to share too much without making sure this blogging thing works, but enjoying the challenge and diggin’ the structure so far.


One thought on “Week 1 – Finding my groove

  1. crazy craig (@masterkeycraig)

    Hi Mary.
    Short and sweet, just like a Tweet…neat! It’s an honor having you as a member of my tribe. Although quite long, I’m keeping this message simple for a couple of reasons. 1. I want to be able to copy and paste it as my initial comment on the 13 other blogs I haven’t visited yet. This will expedite. 2. Although the info provided is not ground breaking, it might benefit a newly-hatched green horn. 3. It demonstrates how just about anything can be used to write a post on your blog. 4. Since writing your Weekly post is a tangible requirement, not writing them is one of the sure-fire ways that will keep you from graduating. I surely don’t want that to happen. So, if ever it appears you may not beat the deadline, feel free to use any portion of this – including the “whole enchilada,” as that week’s post. Better yet, why not head over to VOTLISTHEMASTERKEY.COM and read what I wrote last year for weeks one and two. I’ve been told (often I can be heard conversing with myself) that one is a little teaser, but any two together can be quite addictive – and you can snatch any of mine for one of yours. I can safely say that in tems of “off-the-wall” diverse craziness, my website “takes the cake.” What kind? Why, fruit cake, of course. 
    This has been my experience, em. My blog is votlisthemasterkey.com; so, the first thing I do is add /wp-admin to the end of that = votlisthemasterkey.com/wp-admin – which is typed into my browser –> my blog’s dashboard –> click new post. You can type it right there, or transfer via copy and paste, etc. Before Win 10 along, I would write mine using Word, then transfer it into Windows Live Writer, then publish it right from there. The point is to hit publish once your post is written. Although there is more than one way to see what thee has wrought, I suggest typing in your blog address without the /wp-admin. For me that is VOTLISTHEMASTERKEY.COM (ALL CAPP works just as well lower case). If you’ve done things correctly, you should behold your new post exactly the same way any and all visitors do. My browser does not need me to type in http://www.http:// in front of my blog address to get me there. Anyone concerned about beating the blog post deadline always has my permission to copy what I’ve just written, and publish as is. It’s 10:15PM Pacific right now. I’m going to do what I just said, and be right back.
    I’m back em, and I’m bringing back a whole lot more than I expected. You see, I came back here a while ago, and wrote “Hi em. I’m back, and is my face red. While it just took a couple of minutes to copy, paste, publish, and check as just indicated above, about 10minutes of that were spent re-establishing my internet connection that mysteriously was lost along the way.” Or something very similar. I then said you could type in VOTLISTHEMASTERKEY.COM and check for yourself. But guess what, in my haste I broke one of my cardinal rules: unless absolutely necessary to write directly into an email, or a comment box etc.always write it in Word first. Since Word saves your work as you go, the chance of losing what you’ve just written is essentially eliminated. And, yes, I did goof up and lost the first three lines of this reconstruction using Word. Since it’s now 5 minutes of 11PM, you can dramatically see the advantages of following my “Word first” rationale. But guess what, em. All problems are an opportunity in disguise. My “SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS” example now affords me the opportunity to pass on something more that may benefit others. This time I won’t be back to write more in this comment, but I am going to edit my post with everything I’ve just said. Including my standing offer: anyone who subscribes to my blog or the 7-day Mental Diet will prompt me to return the favor by subscribing to those with a hosted blog, or a follow for those with a free blog. Thanks, em. I don’t know what I would have done without you. MAHALO!!!!!!



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